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Captain John Doswell abourd ship

Working Harbor Committee members are marine operators, waterfront advocates, historic boat owners, and many other things...



Directors and Staff

Steering Committee
A meeting of our Steering Committee

We meet tyically on the 4th Thursday of the month at 18:00 at:

Working Harbor Committee:
455 West 43rd Street - Ground Floor (#1C)
NYC NY 10036

The current Steering Committee consists of:

14 Men
31 Women
Total 45

3 Advertising/web Designers
1 Airline Employee
2 or more Artists
2 Block Association People
3 Environmental Consultants
3 Excursion Boat Operators
1 Former Rockette
1 Landscape Designer
1 Large Ship Operator
1 Lawyer
5 Maritime Consultants
4 Maritime Educators
2 Maritime Museum Executives
3 Maritime Writers
4 Not-for-profit Executives
1 Park Improvement District Executive
4 or more Photographers
2 Preservationists
2 Real Estate People
3 Theatre Professionals
3 Urban Planners
9 Captains (5 male, 4 female)
4 or more Tall Ship Sailors
6 or more Blue Water Sailors




Captain John W. Doswell
Executive Director Emeritus


Captain John W. Doswell, our captain, our North Star, our guiding light passed away on Friday 2 January, 2015

"...As executive director of the Working Harbor Committee, John would orchestrate the most amazing extravaganzas. 22 years of Tug Boat Races, international ship visits (including a 16th century replica of a Spanish Galleon), OpSail 2012, where part of the challenge was to find berthing for dozens of vessels from around the world.Only one man could make it all happen. Doswell...."

To read full article
by Mai Armstrong on the WHC Blog
Click Here

Peter Stanford 
WHC Founder & Inspiration

Peter Stanford passed away on
Thursday morning, March 24, 2016.

"...Peter Stanford spent his life founding things,
it seems – South Street Seaport Museum,
National Maritime Historical Society, and – highlight in our own lives – the Working Harbor
Committee among them

His heart was gladdened at the WHC’s developing strengths in its educational programs, its tours for underserved youth who discover the harbor and learn about maritime careers in the industry.  He was passionate about our mission of teaching NY/NJ harbor history and life today and thus enhancing the harbor’s future, and impressed by WHC’s willingness to work hard to achieve that mission..."

To read full article
by Terry Walton
Click Here

Olga Bloom
Founder of Bargemusic

Olga Bloom reacts to being presented with the Working Harbor Committee’s Distinguished Service Award in 2005 by Peter Stanford.
(Photo (c) 2005 Bernard Ente)

In 1977, Olga Bloom bought an old coffee barge, paneled it in cherry wood from Staten Island ferry boats, brought it to a falling-apart fireboat pier at the foot of Fulton Street in Brooklyn, and began offering chamber music concerts performed by Juilliard students.  Bargemusic has not only withstood time and tides ever since, but flourished as a fabulous marriage of chamber music with harbor life. 

Only Olga Bloom could have done this.  It took her discipline as a violinist who practiced Bach every morning and Zen throughout the day, her passion for beauty, her marvel at natural wonders, her poetic manner, and her stubborn strength. 

Olga is among the one-of-a-kind people who came to New York Harbor and changed it forever, making connections no others could see, having a vision and an uncanny ability to bring it to living, growing reality. She gave Fulton Ferry Landing its history-recalling name, confounded government agencies that had no regulations for floating concert halls, attracted thousands of people to the waterfront with the unlikely lure of chamber music, and redirected the course of many lives.  

Olga Bloom died Thanksgiving Day, Nov 24, at the age of 92. Bargemusic will continue under its president and artistic director Mark Peskanov, who came to the Barge as a performing violinist and became like a son to Olga, the godsend who would carry on after her.  Olga will be missed, but also rejoiced.

(by Cindy Goulder)

Bernard Ente
WHC Photographer


(Photo Cindy Goulder 2007)*

Bernard Ente, our friend and a friend to many others on the NY Waterfront, died Friday, 8 April 2011. Bernie brought his unique style and smile to everything he did - from his extraordinary photographs chronicling the growth of the Working Harbor Committee over the past 7 years, to his innovative and highly successful specialty tours: Newtown Creek, Rail to Water, Bridges, and Circumnavigation of Staten Island. And let us not
forget his walking tours to explore those hard to reach places on our working waterfronts.

Raining or snowing? No excuse. Wear a poncho, put on your gloves! It’s a Bernie tour!

We were all so proud to join him when the Post Office dedicated a special commemorative stamp of the historic fireboat, John J. Harvey, using the photo he took of the vessel. And that was his photo of the Bayonne Bridge featured on a poster for NYSA’s Delivering Prosperity campaign, as well as other maritime publications.

Bernie was a true friend to all in the maritime industry. We will all miss him, our dear friend. Oh, how he made us laugh with his wry sense of humor! We’ll miss that smile but know that our lives were made richer for having someone as special as Bernie in it.

*WHC Steering Committee member Cindy Goulder took the above photo in 2007 after an event. She sent Bernie a copy and he replied:

"I HATE being photographed, but your shot is not too bad. You can photograph my Bar Mitzvah, too.

Note: Probably 90% or more of the photos on this website were taken by and donated by Bernard Ente.


Capt. John Krevey
Pier 66 Maritime

(Photo Bernard Ente)

Over thirty years ago, John Krevey had a vision of bringing historic, educational, and excursion vessels to our waterways and providing free public access to our waterfronts. John took his vision and made it a reality. We are so grateful to John for all he accomplished and the impact he had on our lives. He was truly an inspiration and his legacy will live on for generations to come.

See a video of John Krevey accepting his
Working Harbor Committee 2010 award her

Walter Cronkite

Honorary Chair Emeritus
4 November, 1916 – 17 July, 2009

 A Tribute 

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