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Fire boat, John J. Harvey spraying water

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Hidden Harbor® “Beyond Sandy” Boat Tour
Explored New York Harbor
in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy

Beyond Sandy was a special series of narrated Hidden Harbor Tours® that focused on the array of global warming and sea-level rise protection schemes being discussed by government, private institutions and citizens. Special guest speakers discussed and posed questions such as:

  • Are Netherlands-style sea barriers the answer?
  • How did various neighborhoods fare and why?
  • Fight the ocean or retreat?
  • How did the working harbor fare & help?

Some of the ideas that were discussed included massive sea gates, building beach dunes, modifying zoning for flood resistance (i.e. move utilities higher), sealing or waterproofing infrastructure (i.e. balloons or gates at tunnel entrances), devise better strategies for toxic materials during a flood, update flood maps & provide interactive projections, build oyster reefs,  soften edges, implement wetlands restoration, establish a regional office of sea level rise, improve fuel delivery and reserve strategies, and much more..




Click here to see interview with
Capt. John Doswell on Beyond Sandy Series





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