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Dear Friends: An Unexpected Change

Kids out on the waterIt is with overwhelming sorrow that we inform you that Meg Black has taken ill and is stepping down from the Working Harbor Committee.

She has been the heart and soul of the Working Harbor, pouring her passion into educating the next generation and setting up great experiences for all of us, showing us the giant container ships and the tugs of the harbor and introducing us to the pilots, the planners, the owners, the captains, and the crews of all the vessels of our harbor.

She made this happen with grace, with raucous good humor and laughter, and enormous warmth and insight.

The Working Harbor Committee's Board of Directors has determined that, to respect Meg's contributions to the mission of the WHC and those of its founders Peter Stanford and Capt. John Doswell, we shall move forward with fundraising for our educational programs.

Sadly, due to COVID restrictions, we've been unable to arrange educational or Hidden Harbor Tours so far this year, and the Great North River Tugboat Race will have to wait until 2022, the WHC's 20th Year. However, we look forward to further lifting of pandemic restrictions for the safe resumption of Hidden Harbor Tours. A night-time cruise is in the planning for October.

Meg is currently busy with working with the WHC directors and our supporters to keep the mission going and she asks that you refrain from calling or visiting her at this time. For now, please honor Meg with a contribution to our programs. You can mail checks made out to Working Harbor Committee to C/O Cooper, 345 West 70th Street, #3B, New York, NY 10023.

And of course I’ll be happy collect any messages you’d like us to pass on in due course. Yours truly,
Gordon Cooper
Chair, Working Harbor Committee

Please Support WHC

The Working Harbor Committee thanks you for your continued support of our organization! It is because of your generosity that our organization can support students about careers in the Harbor and inform area residents and visitors about the vitality and importance of our working harbor. We do so with our trademark Hidden Harbor® boat tours and by organizing the yearly Great North River Tugboat Race and Competition.


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Fair Winds
Captain John W. Doswell


Captain John W. Doswell, our captain, our North Star, our guiding light passed away on Friday 2 January, 2015

"...As executive director of the Working Harbor Committee, John would orchestrate the most amazing extravaganzas. 22 years of Tug Boat Races, international ship visits (including a 16th century replica of a Spanish Galleon), OpSail 2012, where part of the challenge was to find berthing for dozens of vessels from around the world. Only one man could make it all happen. Doswell...."

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